Hi everyone!

I was intrigued by learning about Marimo balls a few days ago. (Though I suspect they are higher maintenance than the cheery article implied.) I am very curious about plants in general and have gardened in three distinct climates. However I have virtually zero knowledge of aquatic plants. I have kept freshwater tropical fish at a very basic level at various times.

I was wondering if I might find a few aquatic plants that might do okay in glass jars on a wire shelving unit near a window with indirect light. I am also concerned about water quality. The last time I kept fish my tap water was largely from snow melt so it was very pure. I know the tap water here has many minerals which might be limiting.

I do know enough to know how flaky (and potentially challenging) this project sounds. I've been both an Engineering and Environmental Studies major (at different times in the remote past.). I've also been a Master Gardener Volunteer in two states. So I also know that it may be doable IF I properly research the issues involved and make considered choices before I invest in my plants.