Hi guys!

My name is Yessie from LB, I work in OC and hangout in LA.

I've kept fish since I was 6yrs old, but made my first planted shrimp tank in 2019 and I am HOOKED!

I like to save unwanted community fish I find on craigslist.

If you see me on my phone, 90% of the time I'm on Youtube watching Tank builds.

I have 5 tanks in total that I'm constantly remodeling. This is a relatively expensive hobby and I haven't had the opportunity to meet other Scapers who are willing to share their knowledge and plant clippings.

All of my tanks are low tech for now, but cant wait to invest in CO2 and get some carpet in my tanks eventually.

Please keep me in mind when you folks are doing some tank maintenance and have some plants you would like to get rid of.

thank you guys and cant wait to make it out to a meeting next month