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Thread: New Scraper in the Family; "Dolphin's Retreat" 6.5g cube

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    New Scraper in the Family; "Dolphin's Retreat" 6.5g cube

    My youngest son turns 7 this year, and before bringing a tear to my eye, asked for an aquarium and a fish.

    After taking him to a couple places to see fish (we are going with a feature fish as opposed to a school, at least to start), he decided on a betta.

    Naturally, I chose a UNS style rimless, with minimal design, etc.

    Don't ask about any of the equipment; with the exception of the 11.5" cube 6.5 gallon tank, simple 50w Aqueon heater, the grape wood, the UNS soil and the sp. Dark Orange Ludwigia that I minimalistically planted, I don't know what brand the light, HOB or tank itself actually is.

    It was a sort of last minute purchase, and thankfully, Pet World in San Bernardino had a good package deal for everything at a decent price. (which, btw, in case no one has been there lately, while their FW selection is still no CK Fish world, they've really bumped it up in their expansion to include FW Aquascaping, complete with tissue cultured UNS plants and hard scape materials).

    I am pretty sure I will upgrade the light, and maybe the filter with something more than mechanical, but for a betta and Ludwigia, this should be fine.

    If he asks for a carpet, we can momentarily rehouse a betta temporarily while we scape it up.

    But this is what we got, and what it ended up with.

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