I am getting back into having a tank as my friend found a rimless tank on the street for me.

I like to do the low tech Diane Walstad type tank.

It is an experimental tank! I moved to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. With the stay at home orders, I set it up with dirt from the riverbed behind my place in the countryside. It is supposed to be pretty clean. I sifted the gravel out of it to layer on top. I figured it must be like the demineralized soil process having water washing that dirt and all the sun. All the bigger rocks we tested did not fizz from vinegar so I thought hopefully the gravel is okay.

Currently half the tank has a light scabbed from a neighbors old tank hood. The other side has one of those winter vitamin D lights. So I would like to get a better set up.

Do you have a suggestion for lighting? I would rather not do the aluminum cones with spiral bulbs like Diane Walstad uses.

Thank you so much!