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Thread: SCAPE BOARD Members

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    SCAPE BOARD Members

    Back in December '08 / January '09 An announcement was made that SCAPE needed to form a new Board of Directors to keep the club from going under.

    The Board was formed with a few of the most active members at the time that showed the desire and dedication to SCAPE to make sure that SCAPE would survive and thrive. These included Toby, Richard, Peren, Darlene, Victor, and Billie. Shortly after, Bo and John P joined the team. Within a couple years, Richard took over as President and Paula was added to the team to take on the duties as Treasurer and thus began an era of immense growth and success for the club.

    It was only with the approval of the new Board that SCAPE was able to become FREE for all. It was the Board that decided on ALL prizes in the prize pools that were purchased with SCAPE funds and it is the Board that works behind the scenes weekly to keep the club going in a forward direction. All Board Members have an EQUAL VOTE in the happenings in SCAPE, no position carries any more weight then another, they only have different duties to perform at meetings and in the building part of SCAPE but we all carry an equal share.

    In 2013, Chris joined the Board and officially took over IT/Website duties. Later that year, John K also joined the Board.

    The old guard eventually faded away one by one. Leadership activity reduced and eventually, all Board Members from the '09-'11 era stopped participating in club activities. Several active members had come and gone through the ranks of the Board over a 10 year period. Some notable names include Peter, Jon, Tom, Stephen, as well as others.

    In 2019, Kole took over as President and a short while later, John K became VP.
    SCAPE limped through COVID and came out on the other side with some swapped roles.

    We will rebuild.

    And now I am pleased to present to you the BOARD of SCAPE (2023).

    President/Treasurer - John (john7429)
    Vice President - Kole (kole85)
    Website/Technical Support & Creative Design - Chris (cgar)

    Vacant Positions:
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    Arrow SCAPE Committee Members

    Current Committee Members:

    OPEN - Membership/Creative Design (MC) Committee Member

    OPEN - Membership/Creative Design (MC) Committee Member

    Chris / cgar
    Chung / DreamKnight - Website/Technical Support & Creative Design Committee (WTSC) Member

    OPEN - Public Relations (PR) Committee Member

    OPEN - Events/Contest Planning (EP) Committee Member

    OPEN - Events Planning (EP) Committee Member

    OPEN - Auction/Raffle (AR) Committee Member

    To all interested members,

    This is a great way for active SCAPE members to participate and be a supportive part of the club. We are now taking applications for the following committee member positions in the club. Each position requires a minimum of 6 months commitment as a member of each respective SCAPE committee. Each new committee member will also need to participate in phone conference meetings at least once a month (attempts will be made to accommodate each member's schedule). Along with the requirements for each position the committee members are expected (whenever possible) to help plan and work at the monthly meetings and other club events (fairs/expos/public events).

    Other shared duties:

    SCAPE is looking for future committee members who:
    1. Love the hobby and SCAPE.
    2. Must be flexible and be able to work independently or as a team.
    3. Must be able to contribute extra time during meetings and club events.
    4. Must be able to attend at least once a month phone conference meetings of the club.
    5. Must be able to handle peer pressure.
    In addition, specific committee members should be proficient in the following.

    Auction/Raffle (AR) Committee Member

    1. Knowledge of computer and navigational skills
    2. Must be able to multi-task
    3. Be a resource during the meeting auctions and raffles.
    4. Preferably have their own lap top but not required

    Public Relations (PR) Committee Member

    1. Social and Communication skills
    2. Be a contact person for sponsors and help to acquire donations for the club
    3. Be able to write letters, requests, reminders, and thank you letters to our sponsors and others
    4. Create and maintain forums on (facebook, youtube, ect.) and threads like the one we have on APC

    Events Planning (EP) Committee Member

    1. Find and plan for Speaker/Demo to be at each monthly meeting
    2. Plan for SCAPE to be at public events such as Fairs and Trade shows
    3. Help to coordinate and schedule volunteers for the events

    Membership/Creative Design (MC) Committee Member

    1. Social and Communication skills
    2. Be a helpful resource to new and current members during and outside of meetings.
    3. Preferably have art/design experience and background

    Meeting Coordinating Committee (MCC) Member

    1. Social and Communication skills
    2. Skilled at planning for meetings/events (event planning)
    3. Works well with others to make sure meeting is running smoothly.
    4. Help to get tickets to members who have earned them

    Website/Technical Support Committee (WTSC) Member
    1. Works well with others to make sure processes are running smoothly.
    2. Experience with Computer and Website Programming
    3. Familiar (preferred) with vBulletin program or willing to learn
    4. Able to help with periodic checks and maintenance of the site

    If you want to apply please send us an email (to with the following information:

    -Name/User Name
    -Position(s) interested in
    -Share extra information (optional)

    Thank you.
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