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  1. CO2 in ppm
  2. Very helpful videos for Beginers
  3. Subtrate Calculator
  4. Shrimp Compatability Charts
  5. Algae Prevention Table
  6. Freshwater Aquarium Stocking Calculator (fishes and some invertebrates)
  7. Multipurpose Calculator/Converter
  8. Algae in the Planted Aquarium (Cause & Cures)!
  9. Excellent List of Low Light Plants
  10. Lighting calculator as a spread sheet
  11. EI dosing calculator in a spread sheet
  12. Plant Databases
  13. PPS-Pro Solution Recipe
  14. theaquariumwiki.com
  15. theaquatools.com
  16. a guide to Signs/symptoms of nutrient deficiency/overload
  17. Useful Scaping Articles Added By John Ciotti
  18. CRS Hatching Chart
  19. CRS Grading Card
  20. Nutrient Deficiency Chart
  21. Here's a new information source
  22. The Different Types of Mosses
  23. Another Volume Calulator w/Odd Shapes too
  24. diy stand/canopy calculator
  25. Nice small plant info site
  26. Yet Another Nutrient Calculator v. 1.1
  27. Tool Recommendations
  28. Interesting/informative read on freshwater DSB's
  29. Useful energy calculator found on the net
  30. Cool tools to help make life easy.
  31. Archived Rex Grigg Information