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  1. Setting up a tank right the first time
  2. What are all the Capital Letters about
  3. Very helpful videos for Beginers
  4. So you are thinking of starting a planted tank...
  5. How does one trim [plant name]?
  6. Dry Start
  7. Newbie Questions
  8. After Planting the Plants
  9. Inspiration
  10. Newbie looking for local ADA soil?
  11. Beginers basics
  12. LOW tech (and I mean LOW)
  13. local supplier in HB or Orange County
  14. Tropica step by step video
  15. maximize your online shopping
  16. Water Treatment Products
  17. Newbie with 10g tank and water question
  18. how to trim my plants
  19. dry start?!
  20. Plans for a 29 gallon Amazon theme.
  21. Water changes?
  22. Changing over to RO water
  23. hoping to start a planted tank!
  24. Need help in setting up my 300 gallon tank
  25. first tank
  26. Need pointers for a 80gal planted discus tank
  27. Breaking some rocks "petrified wood"
  28. How often do you add Flourish Iron supplement?
  29. plant tank require current?
  30. Confused about adding nutrients to my tank.
  31. Water Change Leads to Fish Losing Appetite...?
  32. Newb question about potted plants.
  33. Roots, roots are growing everywhere!
  34. Fish for 5-Gallon Tank???
  35. Question about Dwarf Cichlid/Apistogramma
  36. What kind of a cleanup crew for a 300 gallon?
  37. My first attempt at aquascape
  38. Need help with JBJ regulator
  39. Nano tank help
  40. test
  41. newbie plant recommend?
  42. Replanting everyday. Please help!
  43. Is Excel the wonder-tonic for a planted tank?
  44. Need advice on substrate
  45. Do I need to add salt?
  46. DIY rimless
  47. gravel and plants?
  48. Substrate: knowing your options
  49. getting more anubias
  50. aquabid?
  51. low tech plants need fertz?
  52. What is it?
  53. gourami died
  54. CO2 & KH
  55. Educational setup
  56. Fixing PH,GH & KH
  57. Aquascape Help
  58. where can i find stones for Iwagumi?
  59. Need help with one of my tetras!
  60. Help with Ich!!!
  61. Weird Looking "Cloud" on my diffusor
  62. Rusted mesh screen - help!
  63. Newb with a Picotope
  64. quick regulator questions
  65. will this work?
  66. HELP. ich =(
  67. Fish question
  68. Is it true that s?sswassertang hates Seachem's excel?
  69. weird tank question?
  70. Freshwater Aquarium Stocking Calculator (fishes and some invertebrates)
  71. how to make a wabi-kusa
  72. Oil slick?
  73. SCAPE codes/abbreviations
  74. salt in a planted aquarium
  75. How to give color and protection to a piece of Pine lumber??
  76. cool video for beginners
  77. newbie... build help?
  78. Shrimp and snail do they get along?
  79. Feed back on stock list for tank in progress
  80. Are these parameters normal?
  81. How to do a fishless tank cycle
  82. Is it safe to add ammonia and fertilizers at the same time?
  83. moisturized tank
  84. My first rimless tank.
  85. Bunch of little beginner problems
  86. Ew Mold!
  87. Yellow drop checker
  88. Keeping Angels
  89. Questions
  90. 10g NO LONGER Light planted
  91. Bubbles per second for a 110g
  92. I don't know what's wrong. My plants are not healthy
  93. Canister filter?
  94. just starting out. help?
  95. Recommendation for HQI bulb
  96. who wants to check my tank out
  97. Questions! I require assistance please! :D
  98. Algea Eater
  99. New 28G Freshwater w/ Kitty Litter & Play Sand
  100. Looking for some LOCAL stores to buy plants
  101. Pet Expo Set Ups?
  102. Growing moss with hairnets.
  103. regulator
  104. Hello Peat
  105. Frosted glass tinting
  106. Lookin at new tanks (fluval edge)
  107. Newbie Here...looking for your knowledge!
  108. First tank...maybe...sorta....aw heck....
  109. Crushed Coral?
  110. what are appropriate plants for low tech
  111. Looking for a guide to Signs/symptoms of nutrient deficiency/overload
  112. something wrong with my plants.
  113. Planerian worms
  114. Weird cycling... If cycling at all
  115. how to get rid of Freshwater Limpet/Acroloxus lacustris?
  116. WHere to cut?
  117. GEEZER
  118. pexiglass fabricator?
  119. CPD in picotope at work? good idea?
  120. A few questions for a 40g planted tank
  121. New tank
  122. Sorry about that
  123. pictures
  124. Taking the black rim off of a tank?
  125. Indian Almond leaves and Oak leaves
  126. Ground Cover
  127. Questions about heavy stones
  128. What could be a clean up crew?
  129. What to put in sump?
  130. New tank comments
  131. Start all over again!
  132. .......................
  133. questions on where to buy stuff???
  134. ..................
  135. looking for things
  136. New setup
  137. What I think I Know
  138. Algae scraper for nano tanks
  139. Yellow and Spindly plants - what the??
  140. how much prime to use?
  141. how to properly tie moss to woods?
  142. Dump water to aquascape?Bad Idea?
  143. my driftwood has stuff on em D:!
  144. Newbie questions :P
  145. Tank cover?
  146. Cleaning New Plants?
  147. white tips on marimo balls?
  148. Itty bitty driftwood
  149. Ahhhh which background plant to use?
  150. Red rock from Arizona
  151. First planted tank
  152. Rules for half globe shaped or bow fronts?
  153. um... food is floating in 'mid water'
  154. oily water?
  155. Dirty stuff?
  156. Poof!
  157. Fungus in my aquarium?
  158. Best way to break large driftwood in half?
  159. Help me identify my plants
  160. Another 1 gallon
  161. Steps to begin my planted tank. Critique?
  162. Emersed growth worthwhile on a 30-C?
  163. where to find low ph r/o in garden grove/santa ana
  164. ................
  165. How to trim plants
  166. My little castle and random plants
  167. Best Schooling fishes!
  168. Deionizer?
  169. new to plants
  170. New tank!
  171. Diy shrimp divider
  172. Tap Water and Bio Filter
  173. live food prices for fish
  174. planted aquarium? first one?
  175. How do you tie down your moss?
  176. So what is a nano? pico? micro? Where are the lines?
  177. Find Daphnia
  178. decoration help?
  179. ID my Plants pls
  180. Shrimp friendly fertilizer?
  181. dumb question about planted tank maintenance
  182. identify this plant?
  183. ..................
  184. Pointers for Emersed growth
  185. I.D. theese 2 plants please?
  186. The more I read the more overwhelmed I get
  187. Petco tubey plant things
  188. could my amano shrimp have been eaten
  189. pH and Expiration of test kits
  190. FW vs SW Tank Evaporation
  191. Semi Temporary Stands
  192. ....................
  193. Please ID Shape Changing Worm Thing
  194. A little paranoid...
  195. Dwarf Cichlids?
  196. Substrate nutrient dosing.
  197. Question about carpet/lawn
  198. Fluval EBI Too Hot
  199. Looking for large pieces of driftwood
  200. Strange question but...
  201. Cycling questions for shrimp tank
  202. Will Flourish Excel kill this plant?
  203. Worms? Leaches?
  204. want to start a new planted/shrimp tank
  205. Osmocote Plus + Shrimp?
  206. Aesthetics or logic - My week of decision
  207. Suggestions For My Planted Tank?
  208. What Kind Of Fish Is That?
  209. Looking for a thread or info on a mostly fish / some plants setup
  210. driftwood from ebay?
  211. What am I missing?
  212. New 2 gallon!
  213. Should I start over?
  214. Basic Bonsai Perspective
  215. RIP. 8 Tetras.
  216. Fluval Ebi
  217. How do I clean a planted tank?
  218. WTH is THIS???
  219. Fuzzy Seed
  220. critique my initial set-up
  221. My first planted tank!
  222. Fluval EBI ... possibly the ugliest thing I've done!
  223. Checking to make sure it will work
  224. favorite chlorine eliminator?
  225. How would you set up a tank on $120?
  226. help please
  227. White worms coming out of my canister filter
  228. Benefits of Emersed growth? Cons?
  229. have several tanks to cycle... need help finessing a plan
  230. Glowlight Tetras and RCS
  231. Fluval EBI - Good for a first timer?
  232. Aquarium Wood
  233. Planted Container project issues
  234. first planted tank- pool sand issue
  235. weird goopy clear/white stuff
  236. ADA/ADG How-To Series, episode 1
  237. cycling and hornwort dying
  238. Help! My betta has dropsy!
  239. Nerite problem
  240. test kit and parameters?
  241. Daily water changes - Why?
  242. Knots for securing plants?
  243. My first berried CRS yay...
  244. Hello!
  245. cannot insert pics in PM?
  246. Lo-tech Walstad Shrimp Setups
  247. Plants for a betta tank
  248. I paid 20 bux for this?!
  249. What's this stuff growing in the coners of my tank?
  250. My First Baby CRS Yahooooooo.