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  1. Disaster in my Rainbow tank last night
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  4. treating ich
  5. possible fin rot and something else
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  12. Heater of Death :(
  13. Dario Dario disease
  14. uh oh, is this ich on the oto?
  15. Growth on Neons
  16. fungus?
  17. Guppy Deaths and Clowns Breathing Heavy
  19. problems with Betta
  20. ICH
  21. Black bruise on Neons?
  22. FYI: fenbendozale fish flakes for internal parasites
  23. sick betta?
  24. White fungus, at wit's end.
  25. Whats wrong with my ranchu?
  26. Help this Krib!!!!
  27. What's wrong with my fish??
  28. Fish issues yet again... :/ but at least the tank has completed the nitrogen cycle
  29. What happened to my albino cory?
  30. Treating Ich
  31. Indian Almond Leaf and Ich
  32. Ich and plants
  33. White bump on Espe's Rasbora's tail
  34. Ach! It's ich!
  35. Tetra Parasite Guard good to use with Inverts
  36. Yellow Molly bubble on gills & head - ID disease please
  37. Fungus on my Rainbows?
  38. Pinholes on fish head...
  39. Rummy noses turning into zombies!
  40. Anyone local have metrodinazole powder?
  41. My new ebrs have the ich!
  42. Pleco problem- anyone know what this is??
  43. White spot on Bolivian ram's head
  44. ich meds
  45. Help! diagnose my fish
  46. Constant Mouth Rot
  47. My Betta has Camallanus worms
  50. Swim Bladder Disease? or something els? Help my sick mutant Blood Parrot Cichlid
  51. What's wrong with Bo?
  52. Put him out of his misery?
  53. Clown Loach has skinny disease + awesome act by fellow Scaper
  54. What's wrong with our Oto?
  55. Gourami looking weird
  56. Medicated Plant/Shrimp Safe Foods
  57. Something is wrong with my fish
  58. Little white hairs in my tank
  59. Identify this pest
  60. Fish swimming weird
  61. ich in my clown loach tank
  62. New Emperor Tetras;One Is Infected
  63. First time pregnant guppy.. fry seems to be stuck since about 1pm Yesterday