Lotus Aquarium
Sunday June 13th
14704 Hawthorne Blvd
Lawndale, CA 90260


There is NO $5 Attendance Fee. Please have lunch before attending as food will not be served.

We now accept credit cards for auction orders $20 and up.
PLEASE bring $1 or $5 bills as we need them for change.

New Members: Please register on this website for attendance and auction participation: http://scapeclub.org/auct


Please read the following notice of club meeting/event RSVP policies.

Reason for the Rules:

Meeting Host's Time, Money and Efforts are being wasted when members/guests who RSVP do not attend.

Club funds are lost/used up on members/guest who RSVP and do not attend.


Meeting information thread will be opened prior to the RSVP thread to inform members of upcoming meetings.

When RSVP thread is activated/allows members/guest to RSVP, only members who know they are going to attend should RSVP.

If a change in circumstances does not allow you to attend after you have RSVPed, Remove yourself/guests from the RSVP list .

The RSVP list will be closed 2 days prior to the meeting day in order for the Host and club to finalize plans. Anyone who needs to make changes/would like to attend after that will have to PM the "SCAPE Moderating Team".

Violation and Penalties:

Violation of the above procedures will result in the following:

1st violation: Notice via PM that member is in violation and raffle tickets earned/will be earned may be forfeited for a period at the discretion of the moderators. Member will also be placed on a list to keep track of # of violations.

2nd violation: Notice will be sent warning PM that violation has been repeated (and along with withholding of raffle ticket earnings) may also be asked not to RSVP/attend meetings for a specified period of time.

further violations: Notice via PM that member may be banned for a period of time (to be decided by moderators) along with the previous stated reprimands.

Please be considerate to your hosts and club, RSVP Only when you know you will be attending.