For some background info:

A couple of months back, I purchased a Sun Sun filter (looks like model HW303) from someone in LA because she said she can't get it working properly and is frustrated.
Being my first ever big canister filter, I did my best to see what was the issue and ended up figuring out that the shaft for the motor is broken so I went online and got a replacement for it (

Last weekend, I was cleaning the filter when I realized that the pump wasn't pushing water when I reconnected everything. After some fiddling, I found out that the shaft in the new impeller is snapped in half as well! this was only about 2 months of use! This shaft was made from ceramic, which is very brittle!

So I decided to do some engineering work to improve this because I think it is a waste to get a new shaft AND a new impeller (since they come together as a package deal).
The pictures below are for whoever wants to perform a similar fix to their canister filter. Basically, I purchased a steel rod (tried to look for stainless steel but ended with a "tool steel" material) with a similar diameter as the broken shaft, cut it to length, and voila! This guarantees to never breaks. The only thing you may have to worry about is rust but I think it would be a long while. This saves you quite a bit of money from buying different blades.
the pump is actually a bit quieter since the shaft I bought is slightly larger than the old one, so it keeps the impeller in the same position and prevent it from bouncing around.

Shaft diameter: 0.1380" (I purchased 0.1390" with -0.0, +0.0003 tolerance)
Shaft length: 3.3085" (purchased a 6" length, only thing available)

Photo Feb 17, 9 43 22 PM.jpg Photo Feb 17, 9 43 46 PM.jpgPhoto Feb 19, 2 56 08 PM.jpg