Few plants for sale. Recently tore down my 40 gallon long tank and Iím looking to part with the plants. These will definitely fill your Tank is also for sale. Comes with metal stand, 48Ē tank, and 48Ē marine land light for 130 (have an ehiem 2217 available if itís needed)

All these crypts are mother plants

Looking to sell all the plants together for the sake of not having multiple meet ups given Covid-19

Pick up area is in the 90002 area only (may be able to meet at CK if no one buys the fish since Iíll trade them in for store credit)

2 Crypt green gecko
3 Crypt Bronze
1 anubias clump on rock
1 Java fern mother plant
1 Crypt tiger spiralis
1 crypt balansae
4 healthy bolbitis (not sure about the sp but will post photos later)

I am also looking to sell

17 rummy nose tetras ($25)
4 pearl gourami (adult size) ($20)
8 x ray tetras ($10)

($35 for all)

Also have a breeding colony of adolfoi/duplicareus corydora (about 16) I purchased from KBerg a year ago. I also will throw in three horseman corydora into the lot. Pm for details if interested

Thank you for looking. Happy new year to you all

Send a text with your username for pictures. Will try to update the listing with pictures once I have time to do so.


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