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Thread: cleaning moss

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    cleaning moss

    As I'm sure you know moss in the aquarium is a dust mop. I know I can disturb it and let the filter pick up the gunk but wondering if you have a preferred method. I was looking to see if there might be a small electric vacuum or manual suction filter - without breaking out my gravel washer. I also was thinking of trying to find a cheap HOB canister that I got pop onto the front of the tank (HOF?) with some micron filtering material and stir things up and polish the water once a week. I don't normally like doing this because my understanding was that this would stir up lots of bacteria which would pass through the material and settle into the water column for several hours which might not be good for the fish.

    Tell me your secrets -related to cleaning the moss of course, no messy family secrets, bad habits or strange obsessions.
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