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Thread: Topfin retreats (UPGRADE SOON)

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    Topfin retreats (UPGRADE SOON)

    Decided to setup some tanks again about a month ago and only had Topfin retreats on hand.


    Hydrocotyle tripartita
    Rotala hra
    Rotala macrandra
    Rotala wallichii
    Microcarpaea Minima Merrill
    S repens
    Ludwigia narrow
    Hygrophila pinnatifida
    Proserpinaca Palustris (melted and I have two small survivors that Iím trying to grow)
    Myrio green
    AR mini
    AR rosanervig
    Taiwan moss
    Blyxa novoguineensis
    Salvinia Minima
    Some random red stem plant that Toru says is a temple plant


    Spider wood DW and ohko stone


    Tank 1
    Yellow honey gourami
    Clown killi
    Ember tetra
    A lonely male scarlet badis

    Tank 2
    Wild type honey gourami
    Gold white clouds
    A trio of gold heterandria Formosa
    Also has a lonely male scarlet badis


    23w 6500k cfl bulb during the beginning but switched to ONF flat nano+


    Sponge filter during the beginning but switch to an azoo HOB


    Used Amazonia with some root tabs

    No co2 and ferts besides the root tabs

    This was about a week into the setup. I removed the filter compartment and replaced it with a sponge filter for more space

    Added another piece of driftwood. Not too happy with it tho but Iím getting some growth in the plants.

    Took another pic after a few days

    I bought too much fish again and had to setup another jar/tank.

    Couldnít bear to see the fish in a jar so I setup another Topfin retreat. Filter compartment removed as well.

    FTS. Taken a few days ago. Plants still need some growing to do but I like my new light better. Theyíre responding very well to it.

    Very happy with the plants but I feel like the fishes are cramped. I already bought two 20g longs and the stand will be built soon. Will keep updating this thread with progress.

    Those black ďrimsĒ are just some plastic that I cut to prevent them from jumping. I have some clear plastic netting coming in soon and Iíll replace them with the netting.

    Also, when I upgrade the fish to the 20g long Iíll be converting these into shrimp tanks.

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    That wild type homey gourami is awesome, and so are all the plants

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