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Thread: Thoughts on Cultivating Microworms

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    Thoughts on Cultivating Microworms

    I got a starter culture of microworms from @Kyoni several months ago and it is still going strong. I am using what I guess is a 10oz glass pickle jar. I used some oatmeal and spring water and stuck that in the microwave for 20 seconds to make the medium. Once it cooled I added extra spring water until I got it to a slightly watery consistency. I use spring water because I assume the chloramine could kill the yeast, bacteria and any worms or at least depress the growth for a while. I also added active dry yeast and a pinch of sugar.

    When the smell eventually got a bit sour I tried out something which has worked out very well. I added a tiny amount of the Red Super Greens food and stirred that in (I wouldn't add too much as it has citric acid and I was afraid too much might kill the worms/bacteria/yeast). This Super Green has a couple of food safe probiotic bacteria in it, and some enzymes and after a while this seems to have greatly reduced the smell and made a very healthy colony. My original though was that it might make the worms more nutritious by gut feeding them but the smell reduction was an extra benefit. I did some reading and one of those bacteria may have an e.coli inhibiting effect. The other bacteria produces some lactic acid. I read a study online regarding another type of soil nematode they experimented with and they fed probiotic bacteria that produces lactic acid to the nematodes and found it increased the worms lifespan.


    There is a green 'Super Green' formula I haven't tried yet.

    Other than that I stir it a little every day. Once every 3 weeks or so I add a pinch of new yeast, a pinch of Super Green and a 5-6 flakes of oatmeal and good to go. Note: last time I put in a few grains of uncooked white rice. The theory being the rice would break down slowly. Hasn't hurt anything and worms are booming.

    Twice I have had to scoop out and dispose of some of the medium just because I want to keep it about an 1" - 1-1/2" in depth or I guess the lower layers would probably die from lack of oxygen.

    I just cut a straw to the depth of the jar, and angle cut the tip. This allows me to stir and I also use it to scrape worms off the side to feed the fish. This tiny jar produces more worms than I need for my 29 gallon tank.

    My next test is I want to try some of the black/forbidden rice next time I add as it is loaded with nutrients and again wondering if this increases nutrition value for the fish.

    If you try adding the Super Green (at your own risk) please let me know if you get similar results.
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