So Iíve been debating for a while on this... honestly, itís just laziness that has been keeping me from doing this but here we go...

I finally decided to turn my spare room into an actual fish room. Iím going to do as much work on my own until I feel I will need to hire some pros. Iíve acquired some decent aquarium ďstuffĒ and donít want to set them up until this room is done. That and this forum will keep me motivated to get this room completed so I can get to the fun part...scaping!

Iíve undertaken some plans similar to this in the past. Mostly lack of time, my impatience and at times lack of $$$ will frustrate me. This time I want to do it right all the way to completion.

Iím posting this so you all can shame me into finishing also, to get some ideas as I go I have somewhat of general plan but Iím so indecisive at times that I can change my mind in an instance. That is also another reason for plans like this to take much longer than anticipated and thus, frustration.

Anyways, Iíll post some of what I have in mind for this room as I go. Also the progression.

Wish me luck, hehe!

Room as it looks now

Point of no return...

I laid down this floor. Itís as hard on the back laying it as it is taking it apart

Reward after day one of hard labor.

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