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Thread: Residual lighting question, problems? Haze/green water

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    Residual lighting question, problems? Haze/green water

    Being that we live in beautiful SoCal, just wondering how everyone deals with residual lighting? We don’t have basements and we do have windows, thus I have reduced my light cycle quite a bit, down to 7 hours, with sunset and dusk to 30 min each, cut back nutrients, have an overkill cleaning crew (another issue, lesson learned), but still getting a haze, usually faint but is getting to green again with the days getting longer. Going to have my BOSS, I am OOT, cut some paper and tape it around the tank till the lights come on. We have already moved the tank once to the hall way and totally eliminated the issue the last few months (but last few months were winter, short days), was in the bedroom before with lots of windows, but can’t black out my house anymore, well don’t want too.

    I don’t run charcoal except the night before a water change, but lot of Seachen Purigen.

    You pros have similar issues or solutions? Advice?
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