We have quite a bit more presence, lately, in the IE, guys! Wooohooo!

I am curious about everyone, especially in the area, where everyone has an interest in exploring.
@yogi1774 knows the Coachella Valley quite well and knows most of the store out there, some of which I would really like to visit. If he can post some info of them here to enlighten, that would be great.

In the Redlands area, we have Darryl's pet shop, as well as our Salt water sponsor, Ocean Aquatics which is a wonderful place to visit that could offer a salt water tutorial, etc, as well as a number of great eateries in the immediate area.

San Bernardino has Pet World. Riverside has Elliott's.

I do not mind hosting a meet at my Casita, and we could do a number of things here, from Stand Building, euro bracing tank derimming, re-siliconing, etc.

Ideas! If you live in IE DEFINITELY post. If you want to visit, list what you want to see!