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Thread: Looking for Work

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    Looking for Work

    I'm just floating this in case anyone knows of anything where they work. Things at work are lumpy and I'm not happy. Not planning on leaving unless I can find a pretty good fit.

    I will be 60 in a couple of months. Probably looking for work in a small to a mid-size company who needs a versatile guy. Not interested in heavy phone work or sales.

    Needs to be $65,000 or more per year. Reasonable distance from 90630 - I don't mind driving just don't want to drive 4-5 hours round trip to work - that is life bleeding away.

    Here is my LinkedIn profile

    I am not a graphic design expert but am 'expertly graphics savvy'


    I currently create magazine ads, trade show material, pamphlets, labels and other documents and artwork for the company I work for. Heavy Photoshop skills, some liter skills in Flash (now Adobe Animate), lite Illustrator, SketchUp and so on. I say lite because I don't get to use them often -sometimes a year or more between significant work- and you forget things, the program updates etc but I am graphic savvy and can work many graphics programs with some warm-up time. I've done videos, and Powerpoints, written articles, tutorials, product reviews and ad copy (even some poems and short stories but that isn't relevant here).

    I am the tech guy at this small company. I manage the website, templates/design. I handle the SEO, as well as some basic Constant Contact mailings, the social media sites and Google Adwords. I am a trench warfare guy when it comes to HTML and CSS - meaning no formal training with responsive design and the like but I have designed many basic sites over the years and have been responsible for all the modifications, styling, graphics, content writing, and even some lite code hacking for,, and other sites I have managed. So ask me to design a responsive site from scratch -no. Ask for a website, templates, modifications I can get it done but experts looking at the code might say 'why didn't he use protocol XYZ, or method ABC' so that's what I am a trench warfare guy. Most smaller companies just need it done. Big companies have IT departments and hire guys with all types of certifications.

    I handle the simple network, backups, VoIP, software updates and pretty much anything else no one can figure out.

    So I don't want to claim to be an 'expert', but I am a professional, responsible, hard-working and a useful guy to have around.
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