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Thread: 20g Long Apistogramma Cacatuoides Grow Out

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    20g Long Apistogramma Cacatuoides Grow Out

    I've been kinda slacking on posting pictures of my tanks lately, oops lol. I've had this tank set up for about a month and a half so I figured I should make a thread for it.
    Tank: 20g Long
    Light: 24" Zoomed LED I won at Reef-A-Palooza (it has a speaker on it that makes nature noises lmao, the storm setting is pretty cool cuz the lights flash as the speaker makes the thunder and lightening noises but I dont see much use for it really)
    Filter: Sponge Filter
    Substrate: Criva Sand
    Heater: 100w heater set to 78
    Hardscape: Manzanita, Terracotta pots, Lava Rock, Indian Almond Leaves
    Plants: Fissidens (2 types), Guppy Grass, Amazon Frogbit, Java Moss, Java Fern, Subwasterstang
    Animals: Apistogramma Triple Red Pair, 5 Pencil Fish, Cherry Shrimp, Apistogramma White Gold Pair (will be having to rehome soon or change to a different tank, male looks to be deformed)
    So I set this tank up a few days before the CK meeting in October. I ran a cycled Hang on Back filter along with the sponge filter for a week to quickly cycle the tank.

    I picked up the Manzanita during the sale for the meeting, an awesome piece! I picked up some small terracotta pots and broke them up to make some caves and put them in the tank. Threw in a few random plants and just tossed the guppy grass in to let it go where it wants, I like where it settled. Theres 3 big pieces of Indian Almond Leaf in there and every other water change I add in a small amount of Blackwater Extract.

    The cherry shrimp I tossed in there in the first week to test out the cycle. Not a single shrimp died so after a week I put the white gold apistos I have had for a couple months in there with some pencil fish for dithers. At the beginning of November I picked up the Male Triple Red and a week later I got the female, both from CK and from different batches. I didnt want to get 2 fish from the same batch, I plan on breeding these and dont want too much inbreeding. The male is perfect, he colored up really nice and has some awesome finnage. I picked the most colorful female I could find, her whole body has a bit of a gold tone to it and her fins show the triple red markings really well for a female. The healthy daily feedings of Live Grindal Worms definitely helps.

    This morning while feeding the tanks I noticed the female staying near one of the caves and her and the male were keeping all the other fish on the opposite end of the tank.... VERY INTERESTING! I broke out my flashlight and there on the roof of the terracotta pot was a VERY pleasant surprise! My Triple Reds have become a breeding pair and have produced their FIRST SPAWN! And a very healthy looking spawn at that! I lost count at 50 eggs and wasn't even half way into counting em!

    I dont know why that last picture is upside down, but you can still see the eggs lol.
    Looks like I'm an Apisto breeder now, fingers crossed for a high fry survival rate!

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