Last time I was here was in 2009, I loved the tank I had but at the time I really couldn't afford to do things the way I wanted. Now after 9 years, and much research I have returned. I'm still rocking a small tank, but this is just to start and see if I will be converting my larger tank to planted. Ran into a guy running a booth a RAP earlier this year and it reminded me of this forum. PS Considering a decent canister filter, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I currently have a 5g Fluval which I converted to full rimless..

5g Fluval tank
Fluval Freswater light
Paintabll CO2 tank
Aquatek regulator
AC50 HOB filter

I started with a dry start and baby dwarf tears

After a couple of months I added water and a CO2 tank with a glass diffuser and added moss to the tree

Although a nice branch, I decided to remove it earlier this month because it was too big.

Finally this photo was taken a few days ago. Added more plants and added fish along with another rock