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My wife witnessed my brother in law get bitten by my son's ball python while he was trying to feed it (3 things that made me roll my eyes and finally ask, "is the snake fine? Because a broken jaw is not inside my wheelhouse), and now is very much frightened by the idea of keeping the snake in the house, let alone, my son handling her.

She does not get handled as much as my snakes did when I was a child, but I am not personally one who enjoys rehoming pets, let alone reptiles whom already suffer from the rehome disease as a Phylum.

Blaaah. Love reptiles and amphibians, but dealing with folks who are uncomfortable with them makes my anxiety go through the roof, and no logic or reasoning can ever change that.
Yeah that's not fun. With reptiles, it can be exceptionally hard to help people get over their fear of them. You'd be surprised how many people may be willing to take it if you really need to find a home for it, though.