It has become easier, and harder, to find new sponsor stores for Scape.

Most of the stores in SoCal already cater to the relationships which our two entities produce for eachother.

However, there are very many stores which we frequent online that do not provide any sponsorship to Scape.

If you are using a website of any kind to purchase goods for yours or someone else's aquarium, you can ask for a group discount code for SCAPE to share among itself!

In order for a store to become an official sponsor, they only have to agree to honor a 10% discount for all freshwater (or more) purchases.

If they're not interested in 0 cost sponsorship, they can still provide periodic or regular discount codes by submitting themselves on the forum, or offering you a code to provide on their behalf.

If you or they have any questions about how the sponsorship program works, PLEASE check out the FAQ!