I have been planning on doing a nice Vivarium for the last few months, I even contemplated making the 60g Rimless Cube into one before turning it into the puffer tank, lol. I was able to fish out the rest of the shrimp that were in the dutch aquascape today(over 310 of them over all!), get it torn down, cleaned, and moved to the room it will most likely stay in. The tank will be very tropical/green and will house Geosesarma Sp. Red Devil.
This is just a quick set up to get a rough idea of how it will be set up before I make everything solid and do the background. I am using 2" PVC Couplers for the supports of the false bottom, they give the right height I am looking for.
Then I took my plastic egg crate (light diffuser panel) and cut it to the size of the land section. I cut a thin strip to use as the slope into the water section and attached it to the bigger piece using zip ties.
Here are the pieces of cork I ordered to incorporate into my background and "somewhat" of the layout they will be in. I am going to use Great Stuff Expansion Foam, Silicone, and Peat Moss/Coco Fiber in between the pieces of cork for the background.
I plan on doing more work on this tomorrow (later today technically since it's 1am). I gotta put holes in the PVC supports so water can flow through them, cover the false bottom with screen mesh, and figure out the plumbing that will be built into the background to conceal it.
I hope to have the tank ready to plant and seed with the cleaning crew in the next few weeks, and ready for the Red Devil Crabs about a month after that. Hopefully by then the weather will have cooled down some since the crabs will have to be shipped either from Arizona or New Jersey, depending on who has them in stock.

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