Whatís good scape members, just here updated, you know the usual.

So far the nano tank has gone through a little bit of changes since last updated. The beta is no longer in the tank. I saw it swimming towards the surface a lot and looks like it was getting nipped, idk what fish it was but since then heís been moved and has been slowly recovering.

The stem plants have been growing out really good, I try to trim them and replant as much as I can but Iím running out of room to plant lol! But over all theyíre showing nice colors. I would like to get that plant a little more red, but I know it might be a light thing. Iím running a nicrew I got from amazon. But Iíve been itching to get a new light, a light that would actually fit lol

here are some top views. I donít really see this view because of the light + a lid. The glass lid makes everything look cool except when it blocks this nice view! Iím thinking of taking out the lid but my brothers huskys hair will probably end up in the water.. and thatís something I donít want to deal with lol. Iíve been using liquid ferts like seachem potassium and seachem flourish.

I went out and got some Pygmy corydoras! Never had corydoras but these are the right size. I got 2 from lotus and then got 3 more yesterday from a fish store Iíve never heard of till that day. Itís in Culver City, I think itís called Rubenís aquarium. Funny because I pass there everyday and never been inside. They have a nice selection of fish but donít really recommend their plants. They have a few display tanks but most are not well maintained. Anyways, I got these from them and they look healthy

these here are the usual close up shots from a week ago. If youíd like to see more of my pictures just follow me on Instagram @aa.aquascaping I post a lot lol so give me a follow! Enjoy

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