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Thread: Scape of the Month contest guidelines/rules

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    Scape of the Month contest guidelines/rules

    Scape of the Month

    ~Photo Requirements~

    All entries must comply with the following..

    - Only 1 (one) photo per entry is to be submitted.

    - Photo must be submitted in company with the participant's SCAPE username.

    - Photo must not have any watermark, copyright mark, or any such mark, imprint, label, or representation which identifies the photo to a specific source.

    -YES to cropping...YES to adjusting levels...NO to blacking out your background, unless done naturally.

    - Photo must be a minimum of 600 pixels in length and 300 pixels in width.

    - Photo must not had been tampered, manipulated, or distorted. Quality of photo is to be determined by SCAPE Team.

    - Scape of the Month Contest will only admit Entry members' photos.

    Submitted photos must be of existing and current tank scapes owned by the entry member. Member may be required to present proof if requested by the contest panel.

    ~Member Requirements~

    All candidates must adhere to the following:

    - Participant must obtain a valid member account/name on to be eligible for this contest.

    - You must have a minimum of 25 posts to enter this competition. If a submission is received, and your post count is lower than this figure, your entry will not be allowed to go for voting. This is to ensure fairness to all members.

    - Participant may only submit an entry of his/her own photo, which is of his/her own work, or under his/her ownership.

    - Participant on "PROBATION" status or any other "limited" member status may not be recognized for qualification.

    - Participant who has assumed offenses to any one or more rules of this contest may be restricted to partake this and/or any future contests and community events bestowed or sponsored by

    ~Contest Guidelines~

    Participant may submit his/her entry at any time, however, only those submitted prior to the deadline, which is the last day of each month at 11:59 PM PST will be placed in the current contest. Later entries may enter the contest of the succeeding month.

    Contest begins on the first of each month. There will be a limited 14 days voting period, followed by the selection of a winner with the highest number of votes from If in the instance of more than one winner is selected (same number of votes), a secondary 7 days voting would be held to determine the winner.

    Winner of a SOTM contest will not be eligible to enter the following Scape of the Month Contest, to ensure fairness and opportunity for other participants to win.

    Entries are only accepted through electronic mail (e-mail). Unless otherwise noted, only the following e-mail address should be used:

    Please ensure your photo's consents to the above requirements and please do include your member name in the e-mail.

    You must include, "SCAPE SOTM + Member Name", in the e-mail subject or it will be deleted as spam/junk e-mail.

    "ENTRY FEE":

    • Entry fee is $2. To avoid added fees please sellect the "Personal Transaction" tab after choosing to send money in the Paypal menu, please submit via PayPal to Payments must be Labeled as "For SOTM Contest"!

    Upon submitting your entry, you hence endorse the following:

    • Entrants who submit any malicious, inappropriate, or unrelated material to this contest may be penalized for such action and behavior.

    • A minimum of 3 entrys are required for the competition to run. Any less and the entries will automatically be used in the slide show, but the ticket prize will not be awarded., and any affiliated sponsor(s) reserve the rights to deny or reject any participant, and all entries become the property of SCAPE and and may be used for publicity and/or other PR advertising. Only one submission per member per category. No member is allowed to attempt registering under more than one member name/identity on .

    • By entering this raffle, you are confirming and agree to have done in full - completely and comprehensively reviewed the terms/rules that apply and you have complied to hold no liability to either or any of affiliated sponsor(s) in violation of any State and/or Local law(s) in your Country/State (and/or within that Country/State).

    • Members on "Probation" status or any member who registers under more than one name might not/will not be qualified to enter our raffle(s). Members who have (previously) offended one or more terms/rules of our raffle may be restricted in partaking this and/or any future raffles, contests and community events bestowed or sponsored by .

    • Certain au courant raffle rules may be voided in different/separate raffles. Details and Guidelines are subject to change without advanced notice.

    • By entering your picture into the competition, you are accepting that your picture will be used without SCAPE Staff asking for your permission. The photograph may be used outside of SCAPE.

    ~The Prize~

    • The prize awarded to the winner of the competition will be Two Raffle Tickets for the next Semi-annual Raffle Meeting.

    • The prize information will be sent to the winning member via Personal Message (PM) upon the winner thread being published.

    • The winning photo of the previous SOTM contest winner will be used on the following months "Enter" banner or on the homepage, and a random photo from the previous months winners will be used on the banner for the "Vote".

    • The prize is offered to all SCAPE members, regardless of age. All other entry requirements as per the Member Requirements above still apply.

    • The winner of the respective competition will only be allowed to win the prize once every 2 months.
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