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    Anyone local breed these or has anyone seen any for sale in LA or OC? I’m looking for the yellow or green variety. Thanks.
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    1,133 huge in stock selection... huge in stock selection and lots of buy2get1 free deals. I just got $200 worth of Plants from them and everything was as described and good condition. Customer service was...
  3. They have been rescued thanks to a nice local...

    They have been rescued thanks to a nice local scraper. Closed.
  4. Want to save some Chili Rasbora from death?

    Since I can’t post in tradewinds as a newb I’m posting here. Free Chili Rasbora to anyone who’s willing to treat them for ich. Yes, I just received my order of 20 from an online vendor and they all...
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    Wow, what a friendly and welcoming group...

    Wow, what a friendly and welcoming group :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Jason and I live in Torrance. Got tired of the money black hole that is coral reef keeping so I’m converting my 60 gallon over to plants and shrimps. :) Hoping for a more peaceful and low...
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