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  1. CRS markings???
  2. bee shrimp eggs
  3. Halocaridina rubra? Hawaiian red shrimp "opae ula"
  4. CRS Abortion???
  5. Halocaridina rubra? Hawaiian red shrimp "opae ula"
  6. Shrimp keeping questions
  7. Shrimp & Snail tank
  8. Cherry red + Crystal Reds
  9. Shrimp Tank Temp?
  10. Amano Shrimp
  11. Popular Bee shrimps get scientific names
  12. Adult Cherry shrimp deaths
  13. Welcome to the Shrimp and Inverts Forum!
  14. How do I get rid of copepods?
  15. Ghost shrimp
  16. Amano Shrimp Macro shot
  17. SHRIMP @ Long Beach
  18. Odd Amano behavior?
  19. Amano Shrimp
  20. To feed shrimps or not to feed shrimps; that is the question
  21. Noob Q: Do Cherry shrimp come in different qualities?
  22. Are Cardinal shrimp the NEW CRS?
  23. Invert Thrive from RM?
  24. Amano shrimp, the anti-snail?
  25. Check out this crazy shrimp farm in Taiwan!!
  26. Berried Red Cherry Shrimp
  27. I.D's needed
  28. I'm not going to lie, I want more Sulawesi...
  29. Amano Behavior
  30. got myself in a little predicament
  31. Ghost Shrimp n Red Cherry Shrimp Compatability
  32. Ick and shrimp
  33. Random Male shrimp
  34. cpo berried! quick question
  35. keeping different shrimp together
  36. sulawesi shrimp compatibility
  37. Blue Tiger berrying (OEBT)
  38. who wants some free CRS in the Pacoima area?
  39. CRS Feeding Food and Eco Complete?
  40. Best shrimps for hot water
  41. quick question crs
  42. What is the best shrimp to put in a Amazon community tank, that has Discus
  43. Readying a Tank for Cherry Shrimp?
  44. Invertz Bonanza
  45. Is this a Marbled Crayfish?
  46. CRS in hot and filthy water
  47. Freshwater Hermit Crab
  48. Adding in another Shrimp species to my (RCS) Cherries. Which one?
  49. Help Shrimp I.D. and How To Get Rid of Them
  50. Thai Micro Crab Fun Video
  51. My CRS babies look funny.
  52. How much it worth?
  53. Good shrimp food low in Astaxanthin?
  54. Shrimp Stainless Steel Prefilters
  55. Repashy Shrimp Souffle !
  56. 3 berried RCS
  57. Sulawesi cardinal shrimps at fv tongs
  58. First CBS berried!
  59. Mosura mineral plus and Fluval shrimp mineral
  60. Why Shrimp??
  61. Mini Squat Lobster
  62. Does Excel remain in substrate?
  63. Blue Crystal Shrimp
  64. What are the Orange Shrimp at Tong's FV?
  65. New shrimp tank
  66. Leave the molts in or remove them?
  67. What type of shrimp did I just buy at A+?
  68. Blue Pearl White Mutation
  69. Newly set up shrimp tank!
  70. Shrimp molted skin is whiter than usual
  71. Acidic PH + Crystals isn't always a good thing
  72. wood Shrimp.
  73. What is this pest?? An Aquatic Centipede?
  74. Question on water
  75. How to dose fluval shrimp mineral supplement?
  76. My New berried tiger shrimp!
  77. Tiger & Bumble bee dropping eggs
  78. Blue Cherry shrimp
  79. Purple Freshwater Crab?!
  80. Shrimp food
  81. Need shrimp tank help
  82. Woohooo CRS Babies!
  83. Orange Rili
  84. Bees in their natural habitat
  85. Crayfish: breeding aggression out
  86. Shrimp feeding question
  87. pistol or mantis shrimp?
  88. Exotic USA inverts
  89. Warning: Invert Killer
  90. Spixi Snail: Coolest Snail
  91. alien shrimp in my tank! (6 damselfy larvae exterminated and counting)
  92. ...................
  93. water change with new acclimated shrimp?
  94. SSS escaped from external breeder box
  95. Help before I kill more shrimps
  96. Abalone Snail (Freshwater)
  97. Caring for young
  98. Blue Velvet Shrimplet color
  99. Video: Upbringing of young Taiwan Bees from F1 hybrids
  100. My CRS are freaking out
  101. Shrimp Keeping in Korea
  102. Shrimp Eggs??
  103. TDS technicalities and CRS
  104. SoCal tapwater shrimp safe?
  105. CPO coldwater?
  106. please identify
  107. please identify too
  109. CRS pics
  110. 100 gallon shrimp tank! Lowering TDS, please help urgent!
  111. Cardinal shrimp
  112. Shrimp ID please?
  113. OEBT Babies?
  114. New! Hemimysis Anomala
  115. Yellow berry shrimp questions
  116. buy shrimp?
  118. Carbon Rili Pics
  119. Shrimp pics!
  120. Dwaf Mud Crabs Arrived!!
  121. Shrimp Dance!
  122. Woohoo! My TBs are still alive after two weeks!!
  123. TDS swing
  124. keeping crs shrimps
  125. Sapphire Shrimp
  126. .........................
  127. Shrimplets dying
  128. Glowing Shrimp
  129. what is this? bugs? turtle? @ Japanese version of pet expo?
  130. 18G CRS Tank - Spring is in the Air - Baby CRS
  131. Shrimp and the CA Heat
  132. snail recommendation
  133. What CRS grade is this?
  134. What the ... !
  135. Need help with CRS baby survival! 100 gal shrimp tank
  136. Neo Shrimp Param
  137. White band of death on my shrimps
  138. borneowild dance
  139. TB's
  140. How to tell if amano is eating
  141. Little white bugs in my shrimp tank! What are these??
  142. shrimp tank problem..
  143. Where do my shrimps go when they disappear?
  144. Looking for CPO
  145. Karls 10g CRS tank
  146. One of Ebiken Studios 3 projects done in 2013
  147. Looking for Fire Shrimp
  148. shrimp stolen
  149. Need shrimp ID please
  150. Little white worms in shrimp tank
  151. Found two of these little guys now!
  152. Found a worm?
  153. Worm ID
  154. my new friends
  155. Shrimp presentation in SD
  156. Shrimp ID please
  157. my female cherry shrimp
  158. Newb ?
  159. Shrimp photo
  160. forgive me i'm new
  161. Aquasoil for Neos and Tigers
  162. RCS and seashells?
  163. would I eventually get natural color shrimps if I don't cull?
  164. I'm going to be a new papa
  165. csm+b and amanos
  166. keeping tigers with rcs
  167. New to Shrimp
  168. About Aura Blue Shrimp
  169. is this carbon rilli berried?
  170. Would You Consider This Accurate
  171. should I cull this carbon rilli?
  172. New shrimp owner with a Bamboo Shrimp exo skeleton
  173. Gone Wild - Shrimp in their natural habitat - Breeders & Keepers Preview
  174. BKK & PANDAs update
  175. amanos in very hard water
  176. Does Bornes Crimson make shrimps more colorful?
  177. After 2 months, my fire is finally pregnant as of today!!!
  178. Blue Diamonds
  179. is this a female?
  180. My fire reds keeps dropping eggs.
  181. Hi anyone have experience keeping orange eye blue tigers or royal blue tigers?
  182. Vacation
  183. Usually, how long until fire reds stop getting berried??
  184. Clean us crew for black worm keeper
  185. Shrimp+clam?
  186. Shrimp tank setup
  187. All of my shrimp are dying!!!
  188. Csm+b at recommended fert calculator dose kills rcs and some plants.
  189. Blue freshwater lobsters?
  190. PRL from Japan
  191. Mischling question
  192. Cross Breeding
  193. my shrimps and shrimp tanks
  194. new shrimp only tank setup
  195. Taiwan bees
  196. MK Breed PRL
  197. My small shrimp tank
  198. Offsrpings of my BlueBerry Shrimp
  199. rudolph shirmps
  200. Love my PRL, Looking better and better
  201. mini lobster (Crayfish??)
  202. Strange shrimp
  203. serious need of help - nitrites always high
  204. Green Lemon Shrimp
  205. Love Black - Just share
  206. black eggs
  207. kk with stripe down back
  208. Ok ok ok ok ok I will get an intake screen ..sheesh..
  209. Woo hoo really early bday gift
  210. Green shrimp need explanations need
  211. Hikari Shrimp Cuisine Question
  212. Mineral Balls
  213. Need advice on setting up a shrimp tank
  214. Yellow Shrimp
  215. How to lower kh?
  216. Feeling lucky
  217. DIY Calcium Block and "Snello"
  218. Where to buy exotic colors of rcs locally?
  219. Shrimp question.
  220. Nerite eggs
  221. Shrimp guard from China through eBay
  222. Best Food for Shrimps Around? Yep!
  223. Where to buy top quality shrimp
  224. Can You Please Help Me Identify These Blue Shrimp?
  225. Help ID on shrimp please
  226. Similar website to discobee
  227. Culturing daphnia magna in 3 gallon buckets
  228. Stardust
  229. Found an unknown critter
  230. Store bought shrimp dying
  231. Breeding Season 2017-2018
  232. Baby shrimp food?
  233. Ghost shrimp full of roe
  234. Berried Blue Diamond
  235. EI Dosing and Shrimps
  236. More Shrimp! Lol
  237. Shrimp keep dying. What's the deal?
  238. WTB RCS or some Blue Diamond Shrimp around SAMO/Hawthrone/Lawndale area
  239. Did anybody attended this Shrimp Competition show ?
  240. Blue Dwarf Gourami
  241. Nerite Eating Anubias Leaves
  242. MTS and shrimp
  243. Saving private amanos lol
  244. Time for new substrate
  245. sl-aqua products
  246. Shrimpssss :(
  247. Beauty found in a cull tank
  248. New to shrimp: Cycling tank
  249. DIY Shrimp tumbler
  250. Breeding/Interbreeding Chart