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  1. Release of "Aqua Soil Amazonia II"
  2. Substrates
  3. How much Aquasoil?
  4. Which substrate(s) would you use?
  5. Substrate heating
  6. Changing Substrate?
  7. aquarium plants substrate
  8. ada aqua soil
  9. My first AQUA SOIL
  10. ada amazonia
  11. Subtrate question
  12. Flourite over ADA Aquasoil
  13. How should I level my sand?
  14. Amazonia II still disintegrates?
  15. AS 1 Normal/Power Sand Ratio
  16. ada amazonia
  17. Black Flourite
  18. Ada Amazonia for a 20L
  19. black substrate for 55g
  20. Aqua soil question
  21. Mineralized Soil substrate
  22. RE: GRAVEL
  23. Azoo Plant Grower Bed
  24. Changing the substrate? possible?
  25. new tank substrate question
  26. Does Eco-Complete go bad?
  27. Substrate and areation, and toxic build-up and wat/not
  28. How long does Aquasoil stain the water yellow?
  29. White sand substrate for shrimp tank?
  30. moss as substrate for growing emersed
  31. Flourite substrate
  32. amazonia aqua soil
  33. Possible Substrate Change
  34. A good read on Aquasoils
  35. NEW Crayola Color Sand
  36. Flourite black sand or eco-complete?
  37. Substrate explained
  38. substrate/rescape question
  39. substrate life
  40. FYI: Azoo Grow bed at GLA sale
  41. reuse subtrate
  42. How to move aquasoil to new tank?
  43. Fluorite and Aquasoil
  44. Oil Dri as a substrate
  45. Azoo plant grower bed Vs. Aquasoil
  46. Reusing AquaSoil
  47. Using soil to form natural landscapes
  48. Layering different brand substrate
  49. substrate for planted tank with corydoras
  50. Substrate fillers!
  51. Soil-based tank
  52. Question about Mixing substrates
  53. Eco-Complete.
  54. 2-3mm Natural river sand (inert)
  55. Azoo Plant Grower Bed question!
  56. mystic pool sand
  57. Fluorite substrate color question
  58. Fluval Stratum
  59. SMS Substrate?
  60. How much aquasoil for a 4 gallon
  61. How much substrate in 2 gallon cube?
  62. Changing from Fluorite to Amazonia - help
  63. Is ADA Power Sand necessary?
  64. Substrate?!
  65. local soil substrate
  66. Adding fresh Aquasoil to an established tank?
  67. Local sources for ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia?
  68. Using dirt
  69. Capping a substrate
  70. Question about the New Amazonia ADA Soil
  71. Can I put substrate over existing gravel?
  72. substrate that don't need cycling
  73. ADA AquaSoil Cycling
  74. Fluval stratum
  75. Which Aqua soil to buy?
  76. 160 gallon substrate help!
  77. substrate separation?
  78. Where to find Akadama locally
  79. Capping off AS with Black
  80. anyone using Walstad Method or something similar?
  81. recommendation ? White substrate for planeted 330 gal Discus
  82. Substrate?
  83. white spots on topsoil cap
  84. Should I Replace 10-Year-Old Substrate?
  85. Suggestions on Black Substrate
  86. How much substrate??
  87. Need substrate suggestions
  88. aquatic soil at ocean blue
  89. Can I mix ADA AQUA Soil and Eco Black Substrate
  90. New amazonia, no ammonia!?
  92. ADA Aquasoil
  93. Do You See Much Difference in Brands of Substrate?
  94. 2 choices of substrate
  95. Mixing Eco Complete w/Ada Aqua soil
  96. Storing substrate?
  97. Substrate - Eco complete? Aquasoil? Fluval stratum?
  98. Dirt+ Eco complete or Eco+sand
  99. So...my new tank with ADA soil is cycled.
  100. Reuse old Amazonia on new tank?
  101. Questions about Dry Start/Aqua Soil Cycling
  102. Used ADA Aquasoil?
  103. Have You Had Experience With Seachem Onyx Sand Keeping GH High?
  104. Help Me Select The Right Substrate
  105. Tips Wanted On Best Way to Swap Out Substrate
  106. Using eco complete
  107. Substrate: ADA Africana VS Amazonia
  108. Do you rinse your Aquasoil before putting in tank?
  109. high pH even with Aqua soil?
  110. Trying to figure out how much aquasoil I need...
  111. What do you cap with? Post pics!!
  112. discus substrate?
  113. Capping Miracle Gro
  114. How many bags of Miracle Gro for 29 gallon tank?
  115. Mr Aqua Activated soil
  116. Akadama in San Diego?
  117. ADA substrate calculator
  118. ADA Nile Sand or La Plata?
  119. Akadama pH Rise?
  120. Recycling aquasoil after blue green algae and MTS
  121. Best substrate for planted shrimp tanks?
  122. How Do You Create Terraces with the Substrate?
  123. Aquasoil Disaster...
  124. Substrate - Will it ever deplete?
  125. Substrate florachem by caribsea
  126. The future for Amazonia Powder Type?
  127. so.. yeah new substrate
  128. Benibachi vs ADA soil
  129. How many bags of Aquasoil 9L in 20g H?
  130. Should I use sand with Eco Complete?
  131. Gravel/ Substrate Advice
  132. Substrate supports
  133. Power Sand question
  134. What will finer substrate do?
  135. How to build depth without spending the $ on substrates
  136. does any one know where to find some 3M Colorquartz T-Grade Black Sand in San Diego?
  137. Need help ID'ing a Substrate
  138. Root tab vs. ADA aqua soil
  139. Substrate Support/Dividers
  140. Kellogg organic potting soil
  141. First time using amazonia substrate..
  142. Lower $$ on ADA soil at AFA
  143. Fluval shrimp stratum vs aquasoil
  144. Aquasoil with tap or RO?
  145. Suitable substrate for a plant-only grow out tank?
  146. where can I get white sand
  147. Best substrate for HC lawns?
  148. Dolomite sand
  149. Does anyone else hate sand?!
  150. Setting up Ada Amazonia
  151. Conversation regarding Aquasoil Alternative w/ re Humic DG
  152. What goes under Amazonia soil?
  153. Pond soil for planted tank?
  154. Introducing Fish/ Cycling ADA Amazonia
  155. Is Safe-T-Sorb a nitrate hogger?
  156. Changing out Substrate???
  157. Using super fine Pool filter sand?
  158. Best course grade white pool filter sand?
  159. Adding texture / sloping in substrate...
  160. Prepping new AquaSoil for first use
  161. Can 1-Cup Uncycled Aqua Soil Be Put in a Tank?
  162. Substrate supports..?
  163. Substrate debate
  164. U.P. Aqua Aqua Sand
  165. Tank Start-up today with ADA Amazonia
  166. Sand only substrate additives recommendation.
  167. New Substrate Found At 405
  168. cycling my new substrate ?
  169. Before adding Aquasoil
  170. Best substrate to grow drawf baby tears
  171. ADA Aquasoil: any Best Used By Date...
  172. Substrate Change? ADA Aquasoil Lifespan
  173. Contro Soil? New or Old product
  174. any one knows of a place for cheap black sand or sand blasting sand in black?
  175. ADA Amazonia and Africana Soil question
  176. Anyone going to try the Brightwell substrates?
  177. Suggestions besides ADA soil
  178. Substrates?
  179. "Heavy" Soil Recommendations?
  180. Potting soil and sand
  181. Reusing Substrate
  182. Ok my last substrate question lol, well maybe not :)
  183. Need help finding ADA power sand alternative
  184. Shifting substrate
  185. Mixing or layering old substarte?
  186. Cal Aqua Labs "Black Earth"
  187. Oil dri (not safe t sorb) as substrate?
  188. one bag of aquasoil for 40 breeder??
  189. Mr Aqua water plat activated soil
  190. Amazonia AquaSoil
  191. ADA Aqua soil out of nutrients
  192. Aquariumplants.com's AquaDurt
  193. WTB Black Lava Rock
  194. New ADA soil.
  195. Dry Eco complete
  196. ADA aqua soil for 20 long
  197. Where to buy ADA supplies?
  198. arg...i need help =(
  199. White Pool Filter Sand (Silica)
  200. Additional Substrate for CRS/CBS tank
  201. Substrate
  202. how much substrate for a 125g planted?
  203. Controsoil
  204. Worm casting...
  205. ADA aqua soil Vs. Mr. Aqua soil
  206. Polystyrene Egg Crate / Recessed Fluorescent Enclosure Diffuser usage
  207. CaribSea Flor Max
  208. Tropica Soil coming to the US
  209. Laying substrate when water is already in
  210. Adding Altum Aquarium soil(Stablished Tank) questions.
  211. What substrate would you recommend
  212. Separating Substrates
  213. Low tech sand
  214. EcoScraps Organic Garden Soil?
  215. Eco Complete coarse and Caribsea Tahitian Moon sand Instant
  216. Seriyu Rock / Manzanita Stumps in North OC
  217. Reusing old substrate
  218. Soils: Controsoil VS. Amazonia Light
  219. ADA supplements?
  220. U p aquarium plant sand.
  221. source for substrate
  222. Fluval stratum sale
  223. ADA aqua soil (Amazonia)- 3 boxes SALE
  224. Dirt tank question (different depths)
  225. Using sponge beneath substrate to create height
  226. Anybody use ControSoil?
  227. Amazonia On Top of Sand
  228. Where to get cheaper aquascaping rock and wood?
  230. super white sand
  231. Any tried this Yubao plant and shrimp substrate before?
  232. ada amazonia light
  233. Elephant skin aquascaping stone
  234. Reusing substrate
  235. Ultum nature controsoil?
  236. Let's start from the top, or bottom: substrate
  237. Super Naturals Sand
  238. Small white gravel
  239. Tropica
  240. Looking for sand and clay
  241. What is this and where can I buy it?
  242. need substrate recommendation
  243. How to clean CaribSea Eco-Complete