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  1. Hanging a 4ft x 4 bulb TEK over a 75 gallon.
  2. Victor Dual Stage Co2 Regulator
  3. Upgrading stock lights on a Nano
  4. hours of hard work.... but the pay is well worth it....
  5. DIY ada Garden Mat
  6. wow look at what i did
  7. 12" Tank Lighting Resolve
  8. Modifying your HOB Output for Use With a Planted Tank
  9. 4 days later
  10. Green Sappy Fingers
  11. I guess it worked
  12. Look what i did!
  13. My new 90g planted tank
  14. Overflow boxes are cool
  15. New Tank: The Candy Bin!
  16. DIY stand for a 60g hex
  17. ADA style DIY stand questions
  18. Need some planning help
  19. DIY hanging light fixture
  20. Nano hood light?
  21. Sharing my little project
  22. DIY Co2 Reactor
  23. My ADA Style Stand
  24. Fire Red Agassizii fry free swimming
  25. New plant tank
  26. DIY LED lighting?in slow motion
  27. Purigen reactor for Eheim 2213 (or bigger)
  28. DIY lily pipes
  29. oops, kind of?
  30. The old Excel in the Diffuser Trick
  31. Hello Asia!
  32. Look what WE did! =D
  33. A little preview of my upcoming project...
  34. My Hardwood ADA Stand
  35. Hiking and Wild Moss
  36. DIY Light stand
  37. ................
  38. DIY paintball co2
  39. How to divide sand and substrate in a tank.
  40. How to make a Minilight lightbulb moss terrarium
  41. cut a spot in my glass canopy!
  42. help!
  43. Iphone Background
  44. DIY Moonlights
  45. White-n-Blue 5050SMD Light Strip along with T5 HO?
  46. DIY Quick Disconnects for Lily Pipes
  47. DIY stand with Hanging light
  48. ADA+LED Project
  49. DIY lighting help
  50. DIY tiny diffuser
  51. My Coffee Table
  52. Magnets!
  53. ADA Knockoff Stands for Two 60ps
  54. Another DIY ADA Style Stand
  55. Moss and Suwassertang balls
  56. How do you make your own Root Tabs?
  57. osmocote vs. osmocote plus for tabs?
  58. Auto Fertilizer build
  59. DIY light fixture holder
  60. DIY moss wall without stainless steel
  61. DIY Tank Divider
  62. DIY par meter for around $50
  63. Build your own LED drivers!
  64. 10 Watt LED Setup
  65. Fix: For Fluval Nano Impeller Noise
  66. Brine Shrimp Hatchery Design and Growout - Recipe
  67. Making peat moss pellets
  68. Substitute for wire mesh for making moss carpets
  69. My Fluval Edge Light Mod
  70. Summers around the corner
  71. Sand Fountain Prototype Done.
  72. Poor mans Riccia stone
  73. 12 Gallon Long ADA Style Stand. What kind of hinges?
  74. DIY Aquarium Stand
  75. DIY Do!Aqua Food Glass Stand
  76. Tegu cage / aquarium cage build from A -Z
  77. 10/24/12 (UASP) Upcycle Aquarium Stand Project
  78. my custom build stand for a 40B and 2 10G shrimp tank
  79. DIY Drop checker
  80. DIY ADA Surface Skimmer
  81. Plant Grow Tank (PGT)
  82. shallow grow Dual tank stand
  83. Cheap & SAFE way to clean stains on glass/acrylic for fresh and saltwater tanks
  84. Redhottoast's Conceputal Rack System that he really wants to build....
  85. Easy DIY LED Upgrades from AHS
  86. DIY ADA style stand
  87. How are y'all managing testing multiple tanks?
  88. Pimp My Stand....
  89. Keeping Media cooking while I wait for Filters to come onto the secondary market..
  90. De-Rimming my 20L... so much easier than I thought it would be!
  91. ToM aquatics surface skimmer minor mod for small tanks
  92. Put a cork in it....
  93. Low cost selective shrimp breeding setup design
  94. How to put a big aquarium on a flimsy modern style desk.
  95. DIY Ad-Kea stands
  96. Modding Mix Max CO2 Reactor for nano/low flow tank use.
  97. CL Score... 90g, overflow, 4 X 65W T5-HO, amazing stand, canopy. CLEAN! Stoked!
  98. Finding the perfect nano tree for my small tank
  99. DIY: Adding "pink" color to your Finnex Ray 2
  100. surface skimmer from coffe maker pump anyone ???
  101. Another CL Score!! 90g, two returns, one drain, 4x65W PC Lights... so so clean!
  102. MOD - Rework on a Beamswork LED from 10K to 6.5K
  103. Shrimp Fry SAVER!!!!
  104. Updates on the Black Monster (the new 90g)
  105. DIY Power Sand, what's your recipe?
  106. Sumpzilla Lives!
  107. The AquaStack
  108. Cell Cast Acrylic Providers in Los Angeles?
  109. Making a hedge
  110. Sleek Dosing bottles- now with new labels
  111. Modifying Odyssea light - turning it into a hanging light
  112. Remote Controlled Water Fill from Resevoir Build
  113. Shrimp Filter
  114. Cerges reactor for high bps, no blowout
  115. DIY Fan Controller / Thermostat
  116. DIY Finnex Ray 2 / FugeRay hanging bracket
  117. DIY SS filter Guard
  118. Sometimes, more is more!
  119. Pimp My Reg - 2 CO2 Sources from a single reg!
  120. Unzan style red rock, pitted waterfall rock
  121. DIY Fluidized Bed Reactor Filter
  122. Maintenance cart, Mo2ivation this has your name on it
  123. Any interest in custom s.s lily pipes?
  124. Terrestrial Plant Miracle Water!
  125. DIY plant lawnmower!
  126. WTB- acrylic spraybar ~ 30"-35"
  127. Coffee filter ---> filling tank
  128. Another CL Score (I love that place) - 50 Gallon with Real Oak Stand and Canopy!
  130. DIY: Snail Collector - (Assassin snail used for example)
  131. Ikea Custom Stand Part 2
  132. DIY Rock Wall
  133. DIY: Riccia, Pellia, Fissidens, etc. Stones
  134. Having a go at making stainless steel lily pipes
  135. Bala Drain.. It's for DSM's
  136. DIY inline CO2 Reactor
  137. Homemade ADA-style stand guide?
  138. ADA style side openings
  139. DIY Temperature Controller (Hot/Cold)
  140. quick fix tank cooler
  141. Got some extra case fans?
  142. DIY LED hood Current Freshwater+ Finnex Hybrid FAIL!
  143. K-cup parts...
  144. Drip kit, laziest/cheapest method, I think
  145. Glass dish feeder Recycler bottle (Diy)
  146. DIY. Light stand out of Legos lol.
  147. Diy 20g long stand
  148. DIY LED clip on light for Nano tank
  149. Co2 Monitor & Controller w/Apex
  150. Any nurses (RN, LVN, or CNAs) on here cause I got a great DIY for you!
  151. Inline dosing and ATO
  152. 60P ADA Style Aquarium Stand
  153. 40 gallon stand
  154. 5 minutes DIY project (oxygen dissolver) Picture fixed
  155. DIY Peltier chiller with digital thermostat
  156. 3D Background Questions
  157. Blending Moss for Dry Start
  158. How To Keep DIY Background From Floating?
  159. DIY light hanger for Current Satellite +
  160. Anybody making custom ADA style stands?
  161. Tank modifications and changes on 155 bowfront
  162. Would anyone be interested in...
  163. Need help building an LED light
  164. How to culture Daphnia: a video
  165. DIY Canister Filter
  166. My Aquarium
  167. Taking a crack at tissue culture
  168. 29 Gallon Shadowbox (wip)
  169. DIY Trickle Tower/Wet Dry Filter Sump 60g Cube Puffer Tank
  170. Diy dosing solution
  171. Leveling a Big Ass Tank
  172. Removing Front Brace
  173. Anyone drill tanks?
  174. Spray bar idea?
  175. Help has anyone used this product to protect bottom glass of aquarium
  176. Removing the rim off 20 long.
  177. Building a stand for a bowfront?
  178. Super cheap and easy DIY attachment for Python
  179. Fluval FX5 Anchor Rescued
  180. DIY CO2 Sourdough Starter - 5gl new setup
  181. Paludarium Project