Welcome to Southern California Aquatic Plants
Enthusiasts website. 

SCAPE is a local, non profit group formed of the most dedicated Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts in Southern California who, together, form a movement to promote awareness and knowledge of the science, art, and beauty of planted tanks among both hobbyists and retailers.

To Join SCAPE, you need only to register an account on this site, it is FREE. There are many benefits to becoming a member, you can go to meetings and participate in Auctions and Raffles to get cheap healthy plants and fish/shrimp and inverts and win some top prizes such as complete Co2 Set ups and RO units. Members of SCAPE receive discounts at many retail establishments, both brick-and-mortar and online.

There is a wealth of information from experienced hobbyists to help out those new to the hobby and for those with the experience and answers, you can make a difference here helping out those just starting out. There are many reasons to join SCAPE and there will be no regrets in doing so.